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Friday, 28 December 2012

School Sports Day

Hunters Tryst did Sports Day well and it was always superbly organised and very well attended and presented with a sense of theatre; it was serious and yet it was fun-there was drama, disappointment, glory and joy; white running lanes marked out the 100 yards sprint and an oval track was laid out on the grass field; several rows of school benches lined the whole of one side of the 100 yards straight which led to the sense of occasion, anticipation and theatre-if parents didn't arrive early with their little ones and little picnics then they were condemned to stand at the back and spill out behind on to the grass-Sports Day was a rather glorious and fun Friday morning, followed by a half day-which for many years was also held on the last day of the summer term.

Rather classy pencils were handed out to the winners of the races-the pencils were purple in colour with the name Hunters Tryst Primary School embedded in yellow along the side. These were prized-back in the 1960s I’d never come across such a thing so they were rare and valued. Were they introduced in 1963? I think in my first year in 1962 the prizes were perhaps a blue badge for second and another colour for first place?

Hunters Tryst School, 1967
(Edinburgh Evening News)
Back Row: Martin McAlpine? Terry Workman Stephen Drysdale ? John Whyte Guy Henderson ?
Third Row: Alan Fisher Patricia ? Ann Breslin ? ? ? Geoff Hunter Elizabeth ? Ronnie Smith
Second Row: Joyce Colbron Colin Benson Jaqueline? Graeme McKiernan  ? Peter Hoffmann ? David Lines
Front Row: Susan Le Grice Marjory? Doreen Rutherford ?

I'm unsure how well the children from The Stair got on, on Sports Day? The only slight unhappiness for me was that my brother Iain Hoffmann wasn't the most athletic of children. Although he struggled at Sports Day he had the right attitude-he really enjoyed the occasion and took it in the right spirit competing with a smile on his face-on one occasion he won either or indeed both the sack race and/or the obstacle race and I was overjoyed for him. Having tried to will him to victory for many years-I got more pleasure from that win of Iain’s than all my victories put together. Anne came to school when I was in P5 or P6; she performed quite well usually winning a race.

There were some excellent athletes at Hunters Tryst-David Lines and Stephen Drysdale were particularly good. I recall a girl called Ann Breslin who was a nice wee runner and went on to run for Edinburgh Southern Harriers. When I first began to go down to Meadowbank Sports Centre at the end of the summer of 1971 her dad sometimes gave me a lift back to the other end of Oxgangs Avenue where they stayed. Depending on the year the relay varied between being run back and forward along the 100 yards straight or around the oval track. For many years the team of David Lines, Geoff Hunter, Graham McKiernan and I did well-however on one occasion I had a fall out and recruited a team from the year below who were six months younger than our class-Terry Workman, Kenny Ruickby and another lad and took some satisfaction from overtaking my usual team on the last leg.

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