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Sunday, 3 November 2013

RLS Day 13 November-A few of the highlights!

#RLSDay 2013
Start/End Date(s)
13 November 2013


Robert Louis Stevenson Day
13 November 2013
Robert Louis Stevenson Day (RLSDay) is ready to be roundly celebrated once more - 13th November, his birthday. 
Pre-RLSDay Delights
The marvellous Filmhouse will be screening adaptations of Stevenson's work in the days leading up to the event. Get into the spirit by going to see Muppet Treasure Island or Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

And if you have missed it, after more than a century, Edinburgh finally has a statue of one of our city's favourite sons himself, thanks to the generous Colinton community.

A statue of the young RLS and his dog has just been unveiled by Ian Rankin, and it is on display outside Colinton Parish Church. Why not head over and give the wee dog a stroke yourself before its head shines as bright as Hume's toe?

All Day from 10.00
Free copies of Stevenson's Short Stories 
In partnership with the Association of Scottish Literary Studies and the RLS Club, you can pick up a copy of Strange Tales - Thrawn Janet, The Tale of Tod Lapraik and The Bottle Imp - for free at Edinburgh city libraries, as long as stock lasts.

All Day from 10.00
Tusitala, Teller of Tales Scottish Storytelling Centre
A master and pioneer of the short story form and a far finer poet then he ever claimed to be. To celebrate his diverse talents, the RLS Club are staging an all-day free reading of Stevenson's work at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. Drop by and help celebrate Tusitala, Teller of Tales

10.30 - From Oxgangs to Swanston with RLS
Explore RLS's South Edinburgh haunts with Carol Marr. The guided walk From Oxgangs to Swanston with RLS begins at Oxgangs Library and ends at Swanston Golf Club for tea and scones.

11.00 - Tusitala's Colinton
RLS's childhood is closely linked to Colinton where his Grandfather was the Minister. Hear readings from A Child's Garden of Verses and meet Alan Beattie Herriot, the sculptor of a new statute of RLS as a boy. Discover Tusitala's Colinton and visit the Manse garden where RLS played.  

11.00 - Scenes (and Songs) From a Life 
Starting outside the Writers' Museum, Allan Foster, author of The Literary Traveller in Edinburgh, will tour the haunts of the young RLS before a sing-song and refreshments at Captain's Bar with Andy Chung.

11.50 - New Town, Old Tales
Join Colin Brown of Rebus Tours as he explores the New Town, Old Tales, with reference to RLS and other writers. Starting from Charlotte Square, Colin will explore the light and the dark sides of the city with two personalities, just like Jekyll and Hyde.

13.00 - Follow in the Footsteps of RLS

Get  your wellies on and join Scottish Natural Heritage for a walk from Stevenson's summer home in Swanston to the Hermitage of Braid. Follow in the Footsteps of RLS and enjoy the scenery, fresh air and listen to his well-written words.

14.00, 15.00 & 16.00
The Memories of an Edinburgh Boy
RLS loved Edinburgh, city of his birth and an important source of inspiration for him. Hear The Memories of an Edinburgh Boy and find out what the city meant to him through his own memoirs and A Child's Garden of Verses at The Writers Museum. 

19.00 - An Evening with RLS
... and Louise Welsh & James Naughtie

And why not catch Louise Welsh and James Naughtie discussing their lifelong fascination for the man, his writing and his travels? Attend the #RLSDay finale, An Evening with Robert Louis Stevenson, an excellent event brought to you by Edinburgh Napier University’s Centre for Literature and Writing (CLAW), in partnership with the Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Trust.     

Getting to Know Stevenson
Robert Louis Stevenson was born in Edinburgh in 1850. And though he lived most of his adult life elsewhere, and died in Samoa in 1894, he remains one of Edinburgh’s favourite sons. A law graduate of the University of Edinburgh, he chose not to follow his famous lighthouse engineer father into the trade.
He became instead a man of letters – of essays, novels, poetry, stories – his most famous work, Treasure Island, has never been out of print. As a letter writer, a practical joker, a moustache wearer, a whisky man, his words and his life continue to inspire and excite folk today, in Edinburgh and far beyond.
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