'And finally, not everyone’s being doing topical. In fact, here’s the rather lovely 6 Oxgangs Avenue devoted to the history of the development of the area, this week highlighting how the block of flats came into being. Could have been prompted by Who do you think you are? Or just a timely reminder that not everything worth blogging about is in the here and now.'

Kate Higgins, Scottish Roundup 26/08/2012

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Pensieve, The Wrecking Ball and Hunting Christ

Unlike Dumbledore, who had the particularly useful tool of the Pensieve, which allows him to siphon off memories and examine them at leisure, each previous resident carries around their own memories of The Stair. Some are particularly strong ones while others are more ephemeral and ebb and flow. One of the benefits of producing this blog is that it records a way of life, in a written and pictorial format, before it vanishes for ever. It's too easy to assume that these shared memories will always be there and yet nothing's permanent. A significant feature that's gone is Hunter’s Tryst School which no longer exists.

Hunters Tryst School (Mick Travis March 2008)
The school was combined with another local school, Comiston and named Pentland Primary School. When I discovered the building was also being knocked down a few years ago it gave me quite a shock. It must have been there for over half a century-fifty years times tens of thousands of individual memories, before facing the wrecking ball. The school had been an integral part of the day to day life of the community. 

Almost as tragic is that the school name, Hunters Tryst no longer exists-such a lovely name for a school. Tryst was never properly pronounced i.e. ending in the sound '' This created some problems for me. When I was very young and in P1, my Nana Hoffmann from Stockbridge asked me the name of the school I was now attending? Pleased with myself, I rather proudly replied, ‘’Hunting Christ!''

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love the blog brings back good memories,that could easily be forgotten.this is a trial run as i am not up on replying to blogs hope this reply is successfull.