'And finally, not everyone’s being doing topical. In fact, here’s the rather lovely 6 Oxgangs Avenue devoted to the history of the development of the area, this week highlighting how the block of flats came into being. Could have been prompted by Who do you think you are? Or just a timely reminder that not everything worth blogging about is in the here and now.'

Kate Higgins, Scottish Roundup 26/08/2012

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

An English Country Garden at The Stair!

Although we were all TV hounds in the house a big old radio used to sit on the shelf next to the fire-place. Back at the end of the 1950s there was something rather comforting about coming in to the sitting room in the late autumn just as dusk was setting and hearing the radio on. For some reason, the music which always brings that image to mind is the song In An English Country Garden-it must have been on the old BBC Light Programme.

Aye, the magic of radio-a wee laddie at The Stair transported to the world of English folk music.

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